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10 Brilliantly Self Aware Wes Craven Cameos

Macabre self mockery from the horror maestro.

1 Sep 2015 Jack Gann


10 Most Pointless Changes To The Star Wars Movies You Never Even Noticed

Forget Hayden Christensen's ghost - these are the real mistakes.

1 Sep 2015 Alex Leadbeater

Marvel Studios

10 Outrageous Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Theories

The Groot army is coming.

1 Sep 2015 James Hunt

Royal National Theatre

10 Unmade Guillermo Del Toro Projects That Look Awesome

How about a del Toro comic book film that's not Hellboy, huh?

1 Sep 2015 WhatCulture

Marvel/Universal Pictures/Paramount Pictures

Ranking 2015's Summer Blockbuster Films From Worst To Best

Not everything can be Mad Max: Fury Road, but does it have to be... Fantastic Four!?

1 Sep 2015 Jack Pooley

Columbia Pictures

Jack Black: 5 Awesome Performances & 5 That Sucked

Tenacious he.

28 Aug 2015 Simon Gallagher

Marvel Studios

5 Major Reveals From The First Captain America: Civil War Promo Art

Sides have been chosen as the Marvel Cinematic Universe readies itself for war.

28 Aug 2015 Josh Wilding

Lucasfilm / Wikipedia

10 Fascinating Inspirations Behind Star Wars

So, The First Order are basically Nazis...

28 Aug 2015 James Hunt

Kinowelt Filmverleih

20 Fantastic German Horror Films You Must See Before You Die

Deutschland making horror fans proud.

28 Aug 2015 Jesse Gumbarge


All The Latest News On 42 Upcoming Comic-Book Movies

Here's everything we know about comics on the big screen in 2016 and beyond.

28 Aug 2015 T Campbell

Universal Pictures

John Carpenter's Films - Ranked From Worst To Best

A brilliant (if not inconsistent) collection of films from one of the best directors around.

27 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse


Liev Schreiber Is Chris Benoit In Crossface Movie?

Could the controversial biopic actually happen?

27 Aug 2015 John Canton


6 Attempts To Deconstruct The Manic Pixie Dream Girl

She's not your miracle and she doesn't 'complete you'.

27 Aug 2015 Jack Gann

Warner Bros.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Your Favourite Horror Movies

The more you know...

27 Aug 2015 Jesse Gumbarge

Warner Bros.

20 Most Controversial Film Endings Since 2000

Sometimes it's impossible to please everyone.

27 Aug 2015 Andrew Dilks

Fox, Lionsgate & Universal

Ranking August 2015's Movies From Worst To Best

From two disastrous reboots to Meryl Streep's failed Oscar bid and one awesome music biopic...

27 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley

Warner Bros.

10 Films With Amazing Casts That Should Have Been SO MUCH Better

Turns out a great cast does not a great movie make...

27 Aug 2015 Adam Thompson

Focus Features

David Cronenberg: All 21 Films Ranked From Worst To Best

"I've often thought there should be beauty contests for the insides of bodies."

26 Aug 2015 Michael Waugh

Lions Gate

11 Movies That Secretly Turn Women On

Who needs porn when you've got psychotic serial killers?

26 Aug 2015 Sara Weir