Patrick Wilson replaces Ashton Kutcher in Lakeview Terrace

patrick_wilson.jpgLittle Children and possible Watchmen star Patrick Wilson has joined the cast of Lakeview Terrace. As Variety points out, he joins the already cast Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington but they have neglected to mention the name of Ashton Kutcher who we reported was cast in March. So it's pretty obvious that Wilson has replaced Kutcher in the film but it's still a lazy job from the trade not to tell us what happened with the change.
Overbrook Entertainment partners James Lassiter and Will Smith are producing the pic, about an interracial couple who move into a new home only to find themselves harassed by their neighbor, a racist LAPD officer.Jackson plays the LAPD officer and Wilson and Washington will play the couple.
Neil LaBute the director of the remake of The Wicker Man is unfortunately still helming the movie which begins shooting next month. I actually think this project has great potential of being a really tight and compact thriller, and I'm all in favour of replacing Kutcher with Wilson. This Wilson guy is certainly putting his name about, he's expected to be in Valkyrie and possibly Watchmen next year... two HUGE movies.
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